3 Reasons to Have a Tree Removed from Your Yard

Trees are good in so many different ways. They provide shade on hot days and help to cool the surrounding environment. They also play a vital role in ensuring ecological balance by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and using it to produce oxygen.

In addition, trees help to prevent soil erosion by keeping the soil intact through their deep root systems. They are also home to different species of birds, insects and small animals. The benefits of trees cannot simply be overlooked, and this is why properties with trees have a high real estate value.

Despite the numerous advantages they bring, there are circumstances when it is best to cut down trees. A tree arborist can remove a tree from your residential property but as a last resort.

Here are a number of situations when it makes sense to fell a tree growing on your property.

When you want to develop your land

As a private landowner, you have the right to develop your land in order to increase its value. If you've already acquired building approval for your development, you may need to fell some trees in order to create the space needed for the commencement of building work.

An arborist can help you remove a tree that's preventing you from building a structure on your property. 

When a tree poses a safety hazard to you, your household or others

A tree that's too tall can become a source of danger to you, your household and other people if it has grown too close to your house or overhead power lines. If it is established that the tree is weak and may fall on your house or the electricity lines, it can lead to serious injuries or even death. 

An arborist can help to eliminate the safety hazard by removing the dangerous tree from your yard.

When removing some trees is the best way to save other trees

If one or two trees in your yard are diseased, they may spread disease to other healthy trees in your yard. If an arborist establishes that some of the trees on your property are diseased, felling such trees may be the best way to ensure your healthy trees don't catch the disease.

Tree removal is a dangerous job. This is why you need to hire a tree arborist to do the job for you. Tree arborists are trained and experienced in the safe removal of trees. Contact them to find out how much they will charge for their service.