Can you remove a tree by hand?

If you have a tree stump in your yard that needs to be removed, there are multiple options for having it removed. Chemicals work, but you might not want to use anything harsh in your yard. You could also get a stump grinder, but that is more expensive. Removing it by hand with just a few simple tools is the most budget-friendly option. Here are some things to know about removing it by hand.

Find the Roots First

If you are going to attempt to pull out a tree stump on your own, you first need to locate the roots of the stump. This is done by gradually digging around the stump. Begin several inches away from the perimeter of the stump and start digging with a shovel. Begin digging a hole around the stump and continue going deeper and deeper until you start to reveal the roots. You may need to get a little closer or go further out in order to see where the roots go. The more roots you can see, the easier it will be to cut them out and remove the stump.

Cut and Remove the Roots

Once you have located the roots and can access them, you will need to cut them up and remove them. You can do this by using a root saw or a sturdy pair of loppers. Cut up the roots into pieces as small as possible, then pull them out of the ground. You want to get rid of as much of root system as you can to make the trump easier to pull out by hand. If you are unable to pull out the roots by hand, you can use a grub hoe to remove them. Once the majority of the roots are cut and pulled from the ground, you can use a shovel to start working the stump out of the ground and remove it.

Use Chemicals

If this method of cutting the roots and removing the tree stump isn't working for you, you can try using chemicals first. By utilizing chemicals, the stump starts to deteriorate rapidly, which can make it easier to remove the tree stump. Look for chemical fertilizers that have potassium nitrate, as this can help speed up the deterioration process. A good method is to drill holes into different parts of the stump, then add the chemical fertilizer into the holes. This method does take a little longer, but it can reduce the labour required to remove the stump.

For more information, contact a company that specializes in tree stump removal.