3 Tree Removal Guidelines to Keep Your Home Safe

Trees are a great addition to the home. They change the micro-climate around the home by cooling it down and also improving the circulation of fresh air. Trees also beautify your property and give it excellent curb appeal. However, time and age might lead to the tree getting dry and damaged branches. Storms and other harsh weather can also damage the trees, leading to the need for removal. It is advisable to have professionals handle the repair as opposed to doing it by yourself. Here are four guidelines that will keep your home safe during the removal.

How Tall Is the Tree?

The height of the tree determines how far it can reach on its path downwards. If the tree is too tall, it might fall and damage your roof, garage, fence and other structure on your property. Some trees also fall and damage the neighbour's property. However, professional tree removal services can help you avoid the damage by cutting off some branches before removing the tree. By cutting the top part, they shorten the tree's trajectory and protect your property from damage.

Where Is the Tree Likely to Fall?

The other factor to consider is where the tree is likely to fall. Most people assume that when they use the saw to cut down the tree, it will follow the direction they predict. However, the tree might have heavier branches on one side, and fall on a new path, which could hurt you. It is advisable to hire a professional tree removal service because they know how to create a path for the tree to fall and the tools to use for that function. The professionals also understand that the tree might defy their desired path, and they come with the right safety gear for that. They also create a path of escape in case they have to run from the falling tree. 

How Heavy Is the Tree?

Trees can cause damage in your yard, even without hitting the object they could be damaging. A heavy tree will create a vibration when it falls, and this could damage infrastructures like plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. The tree removal expert will be in the best position to judge all the damage that the tree might make, and figure out the best way to remove it and avoid the damage.

Choose a competent tree removal service to help you follow these guidelines in the tree removal process. With their help, you can easily remove the old, sick and unwanted trees from your yard.