Three Reasons Arborist Reports Are Important on Tree Removal

Property owners believe that tree removal is devoid of any regulation. However, nothing could be further from the truth because Australian city councils have tree protection ordinances that protect vegetation. Consequently, tree services approach removal requests carefully, and the process often begins with obtaining an arborist's report. This article highlights the importance of an arborist's report on tree removal.

Legal Requirement

While you do not need an arborist report for tree inspection in most Australian cities, the report is a legal requirement for tree removal. Notably, tree removal brings many issues, including soil erosion, excess heat and damage to environmental aesthetics. Thus, city councils only approve tree removal in cases where safety and tree health are the primary concerns. If a tree service provider proceeds with removal without obtaining an arborist report, the city council will give parties involved hefty fines. Although it takes some time to prepare and analyse an arborist's report, you should remember that it is a legal requirement for any tree removal exercise.

Propose Appropriate Remedial Actions

Any property owner has grounds to request removal services if a tree dies from deteriorating health. It is a typical layman's take, and while it is understandable, it is not always correct. Notably, a dying tree should be removed from any property because it is a safety hazard and risks affecting other plants in the area. However, experienced arborists can salvage some trees through appropriate remedial actions and avoid removal in the long run. However, it is only possible with an arborist's report because the document indicates existing problems, such as disease and pest infestation and possible mechanical injury. The document can also propose appropriate corrective actions or tree removal depending on a plant's current condition. Without an arborist report, it is easy to remove a tree that can be salvaged.

Informs Vegetation Management Plan

Serious diseases, pest infestation and poor tree management lead to death, and experienced arborists usually recommend removal. Notably, professional arborists go further and ensure that the remaining vegetation does not succumb to the same fate. It makes an arborist report critical since it informs a tree service provider on the best way to manage the vegetation in an area. For instance, tree topping leaves behind woody stubs that cause decay, weak branch attachments and an increased likelihood of death. Since the information is readily available in an arborist's report, tree services can use it to ensure property owners follow proper pruning techniques. 

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