Residential Landscaping: Should You Start Planning for Tree Removal?

Proper maintenance of trees is crucial for preserving their aesthetic appeal and health. However, these plants can still develop minor or urgent problems, even with excellent care practices. Therefore, it is essential to perform a periodic inspection of the trees in your residential landscape. A thorough assessment will reveal underlying issues which could be hazardous, necessitating tree felling. In simple terms, the information obtained will help you identify the extent of damage and make a decision on preservation or removal.

A Sucker for Golden Robinias: Why Golden Robinias are a Gardener's Worst Nightmare

Ever since they became a popular feature in Australian gardens in the 1980s, the charming lemon-coloured leaves of the golden robinia (Robinia pseudocacia ‘Frisia’) have graced Australian spring and summertime. It is easy to see why landscapers and gardeners alike might fall in love with these pretty but rugged trees. However, despite their beauty, golden robinias can become a gardener’s worst nightmare if proper care is not taken. Golden Robinias Have a Habit of Suckering

Tree Felling Safety Concerns

Felling trees is a dangerous job and there are many hazards involve in the process. Not taking the correct safety precautions can lead to a lot of property damage and the risk of personal injury as well. The following are some of the most commonly identified hazards of felling trees and how you can avoid them: Throwback of object Throwback occurs when a tree falls into a canopy of other trees and objects like tree branches, twigs, leaves, rocks and splinters may get thrown back towards the logger.