Signs that you need a tree consultant to take a look at your trees

The trees in your garden do a lot for the overall appearance of your property. They can make your garden look more appealing and also provide shade for your house to keep it cool in the sun. However, in order for trees to stay in a good condition, they can't just be left alone. You might need to do things for your trees to keep them healthy and good looking. To find out what the problem with your trees is and how to fix it, you should consider hiring professional tree consultants. To know when your best option is to call a tree consultant rather than to fix the problem yourself, there are a few signs you should be looking for.

Fungi growing on the surface

If you find mushrooms or fungi growing on your tree, this might be an indication that your tree is rotting from the inside or that it contains harmful levels of moisture. These are issues you probably can't fix yourself, and you should call a tree consultant to help you out. These issues are difficult to sort out even for professionals, but they might have fertilisers or other methods to dry the tree out. If it can't be saved, then the tree consultant can help you with cutting the tree down in a safe manner so that it doesn't damage any other trees or buildings on your property.

Branches being torn off

You should also be wary if a branch falls off your tree for any other reason than if you're deliberately cutting it off. The exception might be if a branch is torn off by a storm, as a storm can tear also healthy trees apart. However, if the winds are soft and a branch still gets torn off, you should be suspicious. This can be an indication that something is wrong with your tree. You should examine the place where the branch has been torn off. If the wood looks moist or rotten on the inside, or if it looks exceptionally dry, you should call a tree consultant, as this might be indications that your tree is slowly dying.

Rotting tips

Another reason to be suspicious is if you notice that the tree isn't sprouting any new buds and the tips of the branches look like they're rotting. This might mean that the tree is dying and that there's nothing much left to do. It's however, difficult to know for sure as there might be other reasons for this behaviour in your tree. Hire a tree consultants firm and have them take a look at your tree to establish what's wrong with it.