Home Landscaping: Tree Removal Services for Hire and the Cost Factors

Trees are valuable as part of the residential property landscape. They enhance the aesthetics of the home and contribute to outdoor living by providing natural shade. Unfortunately, your trees can become a liability, necessitating removal. You should consider eliminating your trees if they are weak, sickly or severely damaged. Moreover, if the tree is too close to your house such that the limbs are damaging the roof and the roots are penetrating the foundation, then removal might be your only choice. Most people consider tree removal as one large task during hire, and the confusion can lead to unexpected costs and inconveniences. Therefore, consider this brief description of the primary tree removal services and their cost factors before engaging an expert.

Basic Tree Cutting

The basic tree cutting service involves chopping down the main trunk of the plant. Normally, this means that the entire tree will be eliminated, leaving a stump. You should engage a tree removal company for this type of assistance if there is no way to save the plant. Moreover, you might require a permit from your local government council before felling. Some areas protect only trees of certain ages or species while others do not allow any kind of unregulated felling because of the current environmental concerns. The cost of removal will depend on the size of the tree, so ensure that you discuss pricing before official hire. In addition, make certain that that haulage of the tree is included in the estimate.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is an important tree removal task because it eliminates the eyesore from the compound. The remains can also be dangerous if its position is not conspicuous. Generally, tree removal is not included in the pricing of basic tree felling because this requires extensive work. It also requires different equipment compared to the standard chainsaw required for chopping. This is why many homeowners opt to let the stump stay for a while before commissioning its removal. The diameter of your stump will determine the charges for removal. Additionally, a healthy stump will cost more because the roots are firmly established.


If you have a home fireplace, you can benefit from the wood after felling by commissioning splitting of the logs. Unlike disposal of the tree, this service does not offer special benefit to the removal service, so the payment is not included in the primary price. Ideally, you can perform do-it-yourself splitting to cut costs or choose to inform the tree service to bring the logging equipment.