2 Common Methods of Removing a Tree Stump

Although cutting down a tree from your yard may seem like a daunting task, it is as a matter of fact far less difficult than removing its stump. That explains why tree removal companies will charge you extra for removing a tree stump after they are done with cutting it down. You may want to remove a tree stump from your yard for various reasons: the stumps may become host for growth of fungus, which may spread to adjacent vegetation; they may be taking up valuable space on your yard; or they may be dotting the landscape of your beautiful yard.

Here are some common methods that you may use to expertly remove a tree stump from your yard as a DIY homeowner.

Physical Tree Stump Removal

This method is preferred for small tree stumps. It is essential that you have the proper tools to do the job. You will need a shovel, a pick mattock, an axe, some chain, and a four-wheel-drive truck. Firstly, use a shovel and a pick mattock to reveal the roots around the tree stump. You use a power washer or a hose to rinse away the dirt and expose more roots.

Cut the main roots with an axe and try pushing and pulling the stump to expose more roots. Continue pulling and pushing the stump until it is completely uprooted. If the stump won't dislodge, use the chain to wrap the stump and connect it to the four-wheel-drive vehicle to pull it out. This method is labour-intensive as well as time-consuming.

Chemical Tree Stump Removal

If you are looking for a less labour-intensive way to get rid of a tree stump, then this is the method for you. To remove a tree stump chemically, you will need a chainsaw, a drill, an axe, water, and potassium nitrate. You will start by cutting off the stump as much as possible using the chain saw. Then, drill holes around the remaining part of the stump. The holes should be deep enough, depending on the size of the stump. Pour the potassium nitrate into these holes and fill them up with water.

Leave the stump for a couple of days, so that it can become weak and spongy. After that, use an axe to chop up the spongy stump. You should keep in mind that even though using the chemical tree stump removal method is effective less labourious than the physical method, the latter is far more time-consuming.