Timber! Tree Removal Safety Tips

If you have a tree which you need to remove, you may be considering carrying out the work out yourself. However, there are a number of risks involved in chopping down a heavy object which will fall to ground at great speed. Below are some tree removal safety tips.

Use Safety Clothing and Equipment

It is vital that you wear the proper safety clothing. You should invest in clothing made of Kevlar, which is specially designed for people using chainsaws. Although no clothing is completely resistant to a chainsaw blade if it accidentally comes into contact with your body, Kevlar clothing will provide much more protection than conventional clothing. You should also wear ear defenders and eye protection.

Remove Smaller Branches

When cutting down a tree, you might be tempted to just focus on the main trunk. But, it is good practice to also remove smaller branches from the base of the tree. Smaller branches can be hard to spot when moving around the tree and can cause damage to your eyes or body if you accidentally walk into them.

Control the Fall

When cutting down a tree, you should be in complete control of the timing and direction of the fall. A tree which falls at the wrong time or in the wrong direction is extremely dangerous to any people and property surrounding the tree. Begin by cutting a triangular notch at a 60 degree angle on the side of the tree which faces the direction of the fall. The notch should be reach about a quarter of the way into the tree trunk. When you are ready to fell the tree, make a horizontal cut on the opposite side of the trunk. This creates an hinge on which the trunk will pivot during the fall. Before making the second cut and commencing the felling of the tree, you should ensure that no one is within the fall zone.


Once you have made the second cut and the tree has begun to fall, you should retreat to a safe distance at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the fall. While retreating it is important, you do not turn your back on the falling tree. This is because a tree can sometime fall in unexpected directions; if you do not keep your eyes on the tree and it falls towards you, you will not be able to get out of the way.

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