3 Signs You Should Call a Tree Management Company

A fully grown tree is a study and durable thing which can adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions. However, trees are also living things, which means they are not immune to diseases which can weaken their structural integrity and cause them to become unstable or die. If left unchecked, a decaying or diseased tree could cause massive damage to your property can place the lives of your family members at risk. This is why it is important that you carry out regular inspections for signs of damage or disease to the trees on your property. Below is a guide to 3 signs that you need to call in a tree management service.

Loose bark

While it is normal for trees to loose a certain amount of bark as they grow and age, a healthy tree will replace this bark with new growth. If you spot that a tree on your property has lost bark, leaving a smooth and shiny surface, this is a strong indication that something is amiss. A tree management service will be able to inspect the tree and determine the cause of this loss of bark. If you ignore this problem, it is likely the tree will eventually have to be felled and removed.

Cavities on the trunk

As a tree grows and ages, cracks, crevices and cavities can open up on the trunk. While it is possible for a perfectly healthy tree to develop a cavity which is completely harmless, it is important that your monitor any cavities or cracks for signs of change. If a crack or cavity grows, begins to rot or has mould growing in it, you should contact a tree management service. They will be able to inspect the crack or cavity and advise you if it has compromised the health of the tree.

Swollen trunk

A classic sign of an unhealthy tree is when it begins to rapidly swell in a localised area on the trunk, this is often a result of the tree being placed under stress at it attempts to compensate for some form of structural weakness in another area. If you spot any strange lumps or bulges, you should contact a tree management company immediately. A swollen tree trunk suggests that the tree is unstable and could fall without warning. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the health of a tree on your property, contact a tree management company today.