Why You Should Take Stump Removal Services Seriously

After cutting down the infected or dead trees in your yard, hire an expert to remove the stumps as well. There are many reasons you shouldn't keep stumps in your yard, and this article highlights them. Read on.

1. Stumps Make Your Yard Look Uninviting

Tree stumps can be an eyesore, especially if they have begun to decompose. For example, they make your yard look unkempt, and this affects its aesthetics. You can, however, correct the problem by removing the stumps by their roots, and then, use them to make planters or attractive tables or benches.

2. Stumps Can Cause Injuries

A yard with tree stumps isn't a safe place for your kids. They can get injured as they run around or play in the yard. Also, your visitors might trip over the stumps and get injured. And if the stump is near a driveway, you might hit it while driving at night and get involved in an accident.

3. Stumps Cause Unwanted Sprouts

If you don't remove the tree stumps, they might cause unwanted growth. Some small trees start to grow around the stumps, making the yard to look unattractive. Besides ruining your landscape, the stumps might also cause tough spouts that might be expensive to remove. These new spouts or shoots will also consume the nutrients that the other important plants or vegetation need to grow.

4. Stumps Host Pests

The stumps in your yard could be the cause of the annoying pest infestations you often experience. When the stumps begin to rot, they become a reliable source of food for most pests. Moreover, pests like the ants and racoons, among other critters find these stumps a natural, safe home. However, you could keep many woodland pests off your property by removing the stumps. 

5. Stumps Take up More Landscape Space

The stumps can be a hindrance to some additions in your property. For instance, the stumps in your yard can take up space you may need for a paver patio, fire pit or pergola. But when you remove them, you create the space you need for your backyard dreams. Unsightly stumps can stand in the way of the private oasis you intend to create.

Tree stumps can be a nuisance to your property in many ways. However, hiring stump removal services can be a great breakthrough. They'll use the right tools to remove the stumps and minimise landscape damage. If you choose to remove them yourself, you may not do it successfully and you might also injure yourself.