3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Taking Care of Your Trees

Having a home with a yard is the dream of many homeowners. Though it is an excellent addition to any property, it comes with additional responsibilities. If you have trees in your yard, you have to take care of them to ensure that they look great and do not pose any danger. And even though it is advisable to allow the experts to handle tree care matters, some homeowners cannot fight the temptation of doing the tree care themselves. While it can save you some money, you might end up making costly errors. Read on to learn some harmful tree care practices you might be doing and how to avoid them.

1. Using Excessive Mulch Layer

Trees need water to grow healthy and strong, and that is why adding mulch around the tree is essential. The mulch helps the trees to maintain moisture, especially during the hot seasons. Most people assume that having a thicker layer of mulch will help hydrate and protect the tree. On the contrary, too much mulch can cause the trees to rot. That's because excess mulch limits the amount of air getting into the roots, causing them to die off.

2. Treating a Tree without Proper Diagnosis

With the DIY hype, most people feel that they can handle almost any project in their homes. When it comes to tree care, they turn to the internet for solutions when they suspect disease or pest infestation on their trees. While the internet is helpful in many things, it might not be a reliable option for diagnosing tree infections. Keep in mind each tree is different and will exhibit diseases differently. Therefore, only a professional arborist can help you make the correct diagnosis. Remember that improper diagnosis will lead to inappropriate treatment, and before you know it, the disease will spread to other trees in your yard.

3. Poor Tree Pruning Practices

When you have healthy trees, pruning is inevitable. It is an essential practice because it helps to get rid of dead branches and stabs. That creates room for new growth and helps to protect your property and those passing by the tree from getting hurt. Timing is crucial when it comes to pruning, but many people do it at any time. However, you should prune your trees during the dormant season since it will be easy for you to visualise the tree's structure and maximise wound closure.

Tree care might sound simple, but there is more to it than you would expect. Highlighted are just a few mistakes people make when taking care of their yard. The best way to ensure that you give your tree the best care is by hiring tree care services. Since they are trained, they will know the most efficient way to manage every situation that arises. For more information about tree care, contact a local tree service.