Why You Should Take Stump Removal Services Seriously

After cutting down the infected or dead trees in your yard, hire an expert to remove the stumps as well. There are many reasons you shouldn’t keep stumps in your yard, and this article highlights them. Read on. 1. Stumps Make Your Yard Look Uninviting Tree stumps can be an eyesore, especially if they have begun to decompose. For example, they make your yard look unkempt, and this affects its aesthetics.

When Your Tree Talks Trouble: Why Noisy Trees Could Mean Trouble

The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves of nearby trees can be soothing, as can the odd creak or two. However, if your tree is being rather noisy recently, groaning much more than usual, it could be trying to tell you something. While some creaking or groaning in a tree is normal, especially in windy areas, excessive noise could be an indication that your tree requires your intervention.

3 Reasons to Have a Tree Removed from Your Yard

Trees are good in so many different ways. They provide shade on hot days and help to cool the surrounding environment. They also play a vital role in ensuring ecological balance by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and using it to produce oxygen. In addition, trees help to prevent soil erosion by keeping the soil intact through their deep root systems. They are also home to different species of birds, insects and small animals.

Three Techniques for Creating a Low-Maintenance Succulent Garden

One of the greatest aspects of gardening is that no two gardens are ever the same. The plant choice and the landscape design of every garden are unique to your needs. As a first-time homeowner, you want to design a low-maintenance garden. Since you have black thumbs and even remembering to water your plants is a chore, you can’t choose a better plant to care for than succulents. However, succulents do not only belong in pots.

What Type of Tree Removal Service do You Need?

When the time comes to say goodbye to a faithful tree, using a professional tree removal service is the only way to guarantee excellent results. Although many people assume that a basic removal service includes clearing the area and removing the stump, you usually need to pay extra for such privileges. Having a better understanding of the different tree removal services available will help you decide which one you need.

Residential Landscaping: Should You Start Planning for Tree Removal?

Proper maintenance of trees is crucial for preserving their aesthetic appeal and health. However, these plants can still develop minor or urgent problems, even with excellent care practices. Therefore, it is essential to perform a periodic inspection of the trees in your residential landscape. A thorough assessment will reveal underlying issues which could be hazardous, necessitating tree felling. In simple terms, the information obtained will help you identify the extent of damage and make a decision on preservation or removal.

A Sucker for Golden Robinias: Why Golden Robinias are a Gardener's Worst Nightmare

Ever since they became a popular feature in Australian gardens in the 1980s, the charming lemon-coloured leaves of the golden robinia (Robinia pseudocacia ‘Frisia’) have graced Australian spring and summertime. It is easy to see why landscapers and gardeners alike might fall in love with these pretty but rugged trees. However, despite their beauty, golden robinias can become a gardener’s worst nightmare if proper care is not taken. Golden Robinias Have a Habit of Suckering

Tree Felling Safety Concerns

Felling trees is a dangerous job and there are many hazards involve in the process. Not taking the correct safety precautions can lead to a lot of property damage and the risk of personal injury as well. The following are some of the most commonly identified hazards of felling trees and how you can avoid them: Throwback of object Throwback occurs when a tree falls into a canopy of other trees and objects like tree branches, twigs, leaves, rocks and splinters may get thrown back towards the logger.

3 Signs You Should Call a Tree Management Company

A fully grown tree is a study and durable thing which can adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions. However, trees are also living things, which means they are not immune to diseases which can weaken their structural integrity and cause them to become unstable or die. If left unchecked, a decaying or diseased tree could cause massive damage to your property can place the lives of your family members at risk.

Timber! Tree Removal Safety Tips

If you have a tree which you need to remove, you may be considering carrying out the work out yourself. However, there are a number of risks involved in chopping down a heavy object which will fall to ground at great speed. Below are some tree removal safety tips. Use Safety Clothing and Equipment It is vital that you wear the proper safety clothing. You should invest in clothing made of Kevlar, which is specially designed for people using chainsaws.

2 Common Methods of Removing a Tree Stump

Although cutting down a tree from your yard may seem like a daunting task, it is as a matter of fact far less difficult than removing its stump. That explains why tree removal companies will charge you extra for removing a tree stump after they are done with cutting it down. You may want to remove a tree stump from your yard for various reasons: the stumps may become host for growth of fungus, which may spread to adjacent vegetation; they may be taking up valuable space on your yard; or they may be dotting the landscape of your beautiful yard.

Tree Removal Safety Tips

Tree removal is a task that’s usually performed by professionals. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can execute the exercise on your own as well. This will, however, require effectiveness and efficiency in the process because there are some serious risks involved in the removal. Therefore, you want to ensure that you get it right and avoid any safety risks. For this reason, if you want to conduct a hazard-free tree removal exercise, here are a few tree removal dangers you should be aware of and the safety measures you can take to avert the negative effects posed by these dangers.

Home Landscaping: Tree Removal Services for Hire and the Cost Factors

Trees are valuable as part of the residential property landscape. They enhance the aesthetics of the home and contribute to outdoor living by providing natural shade. Unfortunately, your trees can become a liability, necessitating removal. You should consider eliminating your trees if they are weak, sickly or severely damaged. Moreover, if the tree is too close to your house such that the limbs are damaging the roof and the roots are penetrating the foundation, then removal might be your only choice.

Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Handling Their Own Tree Felling

Handling your own tree felling can be more difficult than you might imagine, as chainsaws can be cumbersome and it’s not uncommon for a tree to fall in just about any possible direction. If you are determined to handle your own tree felling rather than call the experts, note a few common mistakes many homeowners make so you can be sure to avoid these yourself. 1. Clear the area Once you get to cutting your tree, you might be so involved with the saw and the tree itself that you forget to mind your surroundings.

Signs that you need a tree consultant to take a look at your trees

The trees in your garden do a lot for the overall appearance of your property. They can make your garden look more appealing and also provide shade for your house to keep it cool in the sun. However, in order for trees to stay in a good condition, they can’t just be left alone. You might need to do things for your trees to keep them healthy and good looking. To find out what the problem with your trees is and how to fix it, you should consider hiring professional tree consultants.

The Tree Garage: DIY Maintenance 101

One of the major benefits of having a tree-dotted landscape is that it increases the market value of residential property. The value of a healthy tree appreciates as the tree continues to grow. This underlines the importance of preventive maintenance for the sustained growth and continued development of trees. Here are a few tips on mature tree maintenance for the DIY homeowner. Management Of Soil Soil management is an integral part of DIY tree maintenance.

A Sick Tree -- What Might Be Wrong and What Should You Do Next?

The first thing you need to accept about the sick tree in your garden is that not every tree can be saved. Additionally, there are some trees you can help yourself while others will require specialist assistance to get them back on their feet. If your tree has completely failed to bear leaves in spring, then the chances are it is probably beyond saving. If it’s a tree that you love, you may want to check with a tree specialist before you remove it.

Can you remove a tree by hand?

If you have a tree stump in your yard that needs to be removed, there are multiple options for having it removed. Chemicals work, but you might not want to use anything harsh in your yard. You could also get a stump grinder, but that is more expensive. Removing it by hand with just a few simple tools is the most budget-friendly option. Here are some things to know about removing it by hand.

How to Best Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage

Weather conditions in Australia are becoming more and more unpredictable, and although the country is known for its warm and balmy summer months, epic storms have been known to hit Australia as well. In the face of these big storms, you will want to make sure that you keep you and your family as safe as possible. But this can be a challenge when you have large trees in your garden that can potentially bend and break during a storm, causing terrible damage.

The Advantages of Using Pressure Treated Pine

If you use pine for DIY projects, or you are a professional who uses pine in the course of your business, you may want to consider using pressure treated pine instead of standard pine. Pressure treated pine is injected with chemicals that are designed to preserve the wood and repel insects such as termites. The wood is placed in an enclosed chamber, air is forced out and chemicals are injected into the wood.